About the house

The house is located in the hamlet of Bouldoux a few kilometres North East of St. Chinian just off the main N112 road. The hamlet is situated about 35 km from the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean and about 10 km from the mountainous “Parc Regional de Haut Languedoc”.

The house comprises 4 bedrooms (2 double and 2 single beds), a kitchen, living room, shower / toilet room and an attic bathroom.
This is a family house with some toys for children and a good range of kitchen utensils. These are at your disposal but we would be grateful if you would replace or notify us of any breakages. A range of bicycles can be found in the shed belonging to the house. This can be found across the square (as marked on the map). It has a brown door with an arch of stones above.

Blankets and pillows are provided but you will need to supply your own sheets pillow cases, towels and teatowels. Any purely personal items of ours are locked away in the wardrobe upstairs.

The kitchen has a fridge, freezer, microwave, electric oven and there is an automatic washing machine, if you are staying long enough to do some washing!

Entering the house
The electricity meter is immediately to your right. The switch is the white one, bottom right, it switches upwards for on. The switches at the top are for the cooker and water heater. In the kitchen you will need to turn on the water, ( the tap is on the far wall, below the window.) Put the park bench outside the front door and a little to the right. It is nice to sit out here in fine weather.

Leaving the house
If you have used the shed , please ensure it is cleared of rubbish.

If possible please defrost the fridge a few hours before leaving but most importantly leave the fridge door open.

Secure all outside shutters, (there are eight sets), then secure the inside windows.

Leave the spinner and washing machine open.

Turn off the water.

Switch off the water heater, cooker and the whole electric supply.

Finally, get in the park bench and secure the right hand side of the door. As you leave turn the key in the brass lock one full revolution clockwise to put in place the deadlock. Also lock the door with the big key.

General points
We are making general improvements to the house and modifications to the electrical system and by French standards the wiring and fittings are good. However, the whole system has a lower rating than a house in the UK, which means it is possible to blow the fuses if too many electrical appliances are used at once. If in doubt, please avoid using too many high rated appliances all at once.

All the windows and shutters open with differing degrees of ease but take care on windy days, banging shutters are particularly irritating in the middle of the night, especially when it could be any one of eight sets keeping you awake!

I have now constructed a terrasse on the top floor of the pigeonier, across the square. If you wish to use it please take care because the ladders are steep. You can take the reclining chairs from the first floor up onto the terrasse but please return them when you leave.

If you need heat (Autumn and Spring ) there are electric fires. We now have a new wood burning fire in the living room. It is essential that you only use old dry wood on it (two years old). This is the wood indicated by date in the pigeonier.

Local maps (1: 100000, 1 : 50000 and 1 : 25000) can be found on the bookshelf in the living room. Some guide books and leaflets can also be found there. You are most welcome to use them but please don’t leave them in your glove compartment when you drive home!
There are no shops in the village but the following do call at approximately the following times. The arrival is usually heralded by the sound of the van horn!
BREAD Tues.-Sun. 8.00 — 8.30

Rubbish – Bottles, cans, paper,cardboard,plastic can all be recycled. The bins are over the bridge at the entrance to the village. Other kitchen waste should be tied into plastic bags and placed in the large, wheeled, waste bins found around the village.

Services available in St.Chinian
Wine can be purchased at the St. Chinian cooperative or local ‘caves’. Take or purchase a 5 litre container and buy your wine ‘ en vrac ‘, it is cheaper! St. Chinian has a variety of shops and a small supermarket. It also has a thriving market in the square on a Thursday and Sunday morning. There is also a small Ecomarché, on the left as you drive towards St. Chinian. There are several restaurants in St. Chinian but La Calêche, opposite the square,is probably the best. Pharmacists give a considerable amount of advice and sell medicines for a wide range of minor ailments.

DOCTOR Jacques R. Dubourdieu in St. Chinian speaks perfect English.
Telephone 67 38 01 68

About Bouldoux

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