The hamlet is 30km from Béziers and 40km from the nearest Mediterranean beach.

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From Caen or Le Havre

Head for Le Mans and then Tours. Take the Autoroute to Poitiers and then the N147 to Limoges. From Limoges, follow the N20 to Brive-la-Gallarde and Cahors. Then head south towards Montauban and then take the D930 to St. Sulphice, the D630 to Lavaur and the D112 towards Castres. At Castres, take the N112 towards Mazamet, St. Pons and St. Chinian. Bouldoux is the first village you see down to your right as you leave the hills, and is signposted from the main road.

From Calais, Dunkerque, Boulogne and other Northern Ports

There are two possible routes, depending on how much you are willing to pay at the Autoroute Péage!

1. Take the Autoroute from the port and head for St. Quentin, Reims, Troyes, Dijon, Nimes, Montpellier and Béziers. Leave the Autoroute at the exit Béziers Ouest. From the junction, follow signs north to first Béziers and then St.Pons, Mazamet and Castres on the D64 and continue to follow these signs as you turn left onto the N112. Bouldoux can then be found just the far side of St. Chinian. For easiest access, take the second, not the first sign you see to Babeau-Bouldoux.

2. Take road from port to Boulogne, Abbeville, Beauvais and Paris. Brave the périphique and head south towards Montargis, Nevers, Moulins and Clermont Ferrand. From Clermont take the nearly completed free motorway (A75).

3. Our preferred route is to use the Tunnel and then take the A16 to Abbeville and the A28 to Rouen. Take the N15 (north bank of the river out of Rouen to Louviers and then the A154 and N154 to Evreux and on towards Dreux .Then on to Orleans where you pick up the autoroute to Clermont Ferrand. Take the A76 autoroute through the Massif Central all the way to Beziers and then take the northern bypass onto the N112 and follow that through St. Chinian to Bouldoux.

About Bouldoux

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